Murder, The Only Way Out


Murder, the Only Way Out explores evidence The Boston Globe used in September 7, 1950 to determine a young Boston mother named Martha Fairburn threw her two little boys out her fifth floor apartment window, and then jumped to her own death.

A police report of the same date, which the researcher for this book resurrected from the department’s archives, reveals evidence that could contradict The Globe’s assertion. In her book, June Stephenson brings this evidence to the forefront which indicates that Martha did not murder, but was herself murdered.




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About June Stephenson

June Stephenson is the author of 20 books about women’s issues, parental responsibility, the humanities, philosophy, comparative religion, music, architecture, parenting, sexual abuse, child abuse, spousal abuse, incest, crime, women’s studies, aging, tyranny, family, marriage, and divorce. The accomplished author has a degree from Stanford in economics and a Ph.D. in psychology with 25 years of teaching experience in history and English. Stephenson’s well-researched and documented approach combined with an easy-to-read style, offers readers enrichment and enjoyment. She also is an award-winning artist with many red ribbons from juried art shows throughout California. Stephenson has two daughters and two granddaughters, and lives in Palm Desert, California, with her Labradoddle named Happy.


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