What in the world is up with this ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ mentality? Society sinks to new lows by degrading women

Ohio rape

Protesters condemn city officials over the handling of a rape case in Steubenville, Ohio on Jan. 5, 2013.

Whether it’s Steubenville, Ohio or New Delhi, India, and “boys will be boys” reaction to it, it’s the same the world over as the news recently tells us.

As I wrote in my book, “Women’s Roots, Status and Acomplishements in Western Civilization,” we women are still struggling for equality, no matter how much progress we have made.

Women's Roots Book CoverWomen are considered subordinates in the eyes of many men who see us as usable commodities to work for less wages than they, or even to be used against our will for male sexual pleasure.

Some athletes, because they carry the pride of their city, and enjoy excessive adulation, sense that the world is theirs, including the women of whom they demand sex or else.

This was true of three high school football players in Steubenville, Ohio, last  August,  who allegedly repeatedly raped a 16-year-old girl, intoxicated to the point of unconsciousness.

INDIA-KASHMIR-CRIME-RAPE-PROTESTOnly in January did the city rise up against what was believed to be a lack of justice for the victim.

Concern for the future of the rapists, that their lives would be ruined if they were convicted, was more in evidence than any concern for the victim.

The crowd of many hundreds in both cities chanted for justice for the young victims thanks to social media. Many women who had been raped, took to the microphone to tell about their experience when nothing was done to the rapists, while the victims were shunned.

Of great concern in Steubenville is that so many party-goers looked on at the alleged rape and did nothing to stop it. It remains to be decided if they will be considered part of the rape, which in some states they are.

India mourns death of rape victim: The gang-rape and death of a 23-year-old medical student in New Delhi triggers grief and anger across the country.

India mourns death of rape victim: The gang-rape and death of a 23-year-old medical student in New Delhi triggers grief and anger across the country.

Across the world in New Delhi, India, in December, six men raped a 23-year-old  college student when she boarded what she thought was a commuter bus with a male friend.

Immediately six men in the bus pulled the curtains closed and repeatedly beat her friend, beat and raped her, even inserting a metal rod into her vagina which destroyed her intestines.

When the men were exhausted, they dumped the woman and her friend on the country road to die.

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