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June Stephenson


June Stephenson is the author of 20 books about women’s issues, parental responsibility, the humanities, philosophy, comparative religion, music, architecture, parenting, sexual abuse, child abuse, spousal abuse, incest, crime, women’s studies, aging, tyranny, family, marriage, and divorce.

The accomplished author has a degree from Stanford in economics and a Ph.D. in psychology with 25 years of teaching experience in history and English. Stephenson’s well-researched and documented approach combined with an easy-to-read style, offers readers enrichment and enjoyment.

She also is an award-winning artist with many red ribbons from juried art shows throughout California.

Stephenson has two daughters and two granddaughters, and lives in Palm Desert, California, with her Labradoddle named Happy.

Author June of @StephensonBooks shares her experiences of writing 20 books, eBooks and social media (mp3)

12 Responses to “About June Stephenson”

  1. Oh what fun Ijust had, SEEING and HEARING your voice on this new, wonderful, web-page. You know that my admiration for you runs as deep as the Ocean, and now it is even more so–you are one special lady. Your books will be a lasting part of my life, and I am so happy that I had even the tinyest part in their progression .Much love, my friend.Don’t forget Emma in your new book–

    • Superb!!!

    • Dear Ellen: My computer guru is here and is teaching me how to respond to comments. I love what you wrote about my web page. You are indeed a good friend like none other. About Emma, I haven’t written about that yet, but the Happy book is about to be launched. That’s one you haven’t read. Stay well, dear friend.


  2. June, it is refreshing to see someone with your experience and knowledge in social media. You could teach most of us lessons about building and maintaining relationships, and about life. To me, social media is an extension of our relationships and life, just in an online format. Keep connecting, keep being yourself and it will all work out well!

  3. Oh June! What a fabulous, interesting woman you are and I am delighted to see you here and learn about your books and watch your video. I have always wondered about the childhoods of dictators myself, so I will be interested to read your book about that!

    I understand the issue about social media – but so many more people will be blessed by your books than you can reach through just your current fabulous friendships. I hope you’ll keep at it. Congrats on the big 90 birthday!! That is fabulous.

    • Gina: Thank you for your comment. I’m just learning how to respond so forgive the tardiness. And I just had another birthday. Still going strong and entering a whole new world. I’ve been on computers since the early 80’s, as one has to be in writing. But all of a sudden a new door opened and the world of social media is challenging me to get with it. I hope you enjoy my Tyrants books. I never knew it would have a new birth with what is going on in the Mid-East. Right now it seems the protestors are kind of stuck. I’m rooting for them of course, but what a hard struggle they are going to have. Thanks again.

      June Bailey

  4. Hi June,

    Simply amazing! Your rich and varied life experiences are awe-inspiring. The basic tenets of building and nourishing relationships are the same both online and off.

    What a delight to have found you!

  5. Hi June, welcome to social media! I think it’s great that you’re 90 and willing to enter new territory. I have so much respect for you just from knowing that, in addition to the fact that you’ve lived and experienced much more of life that almost all the rest of us.
    Keep up the great work! Age is just a number 😉

    J Steele

    • Hi j Steele: How nice to hear from you. I’m just learning how to respond to comments and I do like what you said about my varied life. And now I’m into a new variety, learning how to Twitter (where did they get that word?), respond to Facebooks “friends” and how to Blog. It’s a new world and thank you for your encouragement.

      June Bailey

  6. jerry and evelyn leshgold Reply July 7, 2011 at 4:53 am

    june, you are truly an inspiration. besides being the author of many books you are also multi-talented. we know you paint, play the piano, play good bridge, played tennis, and many other worth while accomplishments. you have enriched our lives and we are sooo fortunate to have you be a part of our lives.

    jerry and evelyn leshgold

  7. Hello, June,
    I am trying to get a hard copy of Murder, the only way out. I am researching my family history, and have discovered that Martha,s father, John Fry Buckland is my maternal grandfather who left the UK in 1909′ and disappeared. I would love to get a hard copy of this book. I have downloaded the e book. I hope you can assist.

    Thank you.

    Gordon Kendal